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Welcome to my blog. Last year I had a fantastic time studying for an MA in Classics in London. I went to some fascinating talks, saw some great shows, and met loads of interesting people. This blog is my sort of running commentary to that year, picking up the best poetry and ideas that I came across, and writing short pieces to share them with other people. Now I am back working full time I sadly do not have the time or resources to carry on blogging. However I will leave a classical blog up for my own memories and anyone else who might happen to stumble across it. If you are interested in the Classics, whether it is a passing fancy or something more serious, then I hope you will find something here to enjoy.


A fresco of the goddess Flora from Pompeii



7 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Hiya Sarah, I just read a very powerful poem that begins with Horace’s words: Non omnis moriar.
    I thought u might “enjoy” reading it (it’s by a Polish, Jewish poet who was murdered during the war, hence the scare quotes); and perhaps you can illuminate the context of Horace’s words.
    You can also find the poem on the wikipedia site devoted to her: Zuzanna Ginczanka.
    Best wishes

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